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One size does not fit all. Indochine Deco furniture and rug production started with that Caroline didn’t find what she was looking for in the Scandinavian market, so she started producing bespoke rugs and furniture through high-end suppliers. This has turned into one of the main aspects of the Indochine portofilo. All product are made by hand in Europe and reflect the craftmanship and the luxe materials that are often not used in store-bought furniture.

Bespoke rugs, produced by one of the top suppliers in the world. Wool, tencel and silk or a mix of these materials. The size and color-way is seamlessly adapted to the interior concept. Designs are currently cheetah (picture), Fawn (antelope print), Kelly (stripes), Palm (leaf), Bamboo (faux bamboo pattern or Greek Key boarder.
Dining, kitchen and sofa tables in bespoke sizes and designs. Often with the extra detail that enhances the enviornment itself.
Built ins: Closet space, kitchens, seat benches. The approach to that 'one size does not fit all' but these designs should fit perfectly into a space to give a tailored impression.
Entry rugs, often seen in the USA was the starting point. Coco coir entry rugs with both greek key pattern and with initials.
Ethanol flame fire place, in carrerra marble (as above) or other stone (optional) to elevate the home and to get those cozy nights even if you don't have a chimney.
Bespoke mirrors in any size. Above is an antiqued Italian mirror cut in 40x40 sections and a distressed brass frames. Comes in all sizes and frames.
Chinese garden stool. Produced on behalf of Indochine Deco for the Scandinavian market. In porcelain and can be used as side table or stool.
Speciality closet doors, with linen fabric and stud lining.
Floor flower pot in ceramic with dragon prints in delft blue and white. 75cm in diameter, 50cm tall with wooden stand (37cm without)

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