Indochine Deco AB


RIJD F/W collektion: Budapest Hotel

In an exotic setting, where winds are balmy and drinks are served on a tray. That’s where we are when we thought of the collection Budapest Hotel. Furniture that are courageous, glamorous and self-confident. We played with animal prints along with bold patters and graphic prints on the finest of materials. Budapest is the place where old meets new, and where adventure always awaits.

All of our products are named after guys we met in our lives somehow,. be it in a bar, a relationship, a fling or simply someone that inspired us. Yes the names are international, and yes, we have travelled. If you haven’t yet, at least get acquainted with our pieces that will evoke a feeling of the senses these people made us experience. Thrill, passion, intrigue, intellect, creativity – the list is long.