Indochine Deco AB


Getting Caroline’s help has been invaluable, honestly she created our dream home. The ideas and thoughts that she brought to the table had us go ’wow’ every time.

Ludvig & Erika Heizinger

Caroline has proven to be a valuable asset when planning our house’s potential prior to renovating it.

The optimization of each room challenged our initial planning. She brings lots of energy and great ideas to the table. Really happy with the collaboration.

Philip & Joana Abdon

With fantastic passion and energy CR exceeded our greatest expectations CR makes you see your home from another point of view, and that view is spectacular! Wonderful to work with someone who understands what you want even though you can’t put it in your own words. Estetique in every detail, estetique above all! CRs ”everything is possible” attitude is so refreshing. CR will push you out of your comfort zone and you will love it there

Filip & Therese Nisbeth

There is nothing ’lagom’ about neither Caroline or her interior ideas. Love my home now. I live in Paris but on Östermalm

Britt Inger Andersson

Indochine Deco and Caroline does everything very pretty – AND functional. She reimagined our basement that has turned into a kids room, a wine cellar, a mudroom and hallway. It is great to have an interior designer that actually thinks of integrating practical matters, like where to put electrical sockets for ipad/phone charging, and mood lighting that does the whole difference to a room.

Tobias & Carolina Emanuelsson

I started following indochinedeco on instagram and loved the style. As we are building a new home from scratch, I wanted Caroline to be my sounding board in crucial decisions along the way. It was important for us to us to liaise with somebody who can vision the entire project i.e. the style of the house, the garden and the interior. It has proven to be a very good call; I have found that person in Caroline.

Kurt & Erika Magnus

Caroline has team of workers that are crazy good and multi disciplinary. She is dedicated to the the highest level of detail and creative expression.

Veronica Arph

For one who is indecisive in the 100s of choices when furnishing an apartment and lack the vision on “what goes with what” Caroline is the one to turn to. With clever and creative ideas and at the same time always keeping us as end customers involved, she turned our apartment into a beautiful home.

Claes & Annika Richter

Being one of ID´s clients was a blast from the very beginning. I told CR that I wanted my livingroom to look like ”an opium scented lobby in a French boudoirlike hotel”, and CR totally understood what I meant. During the entire renovation/redecoration CR was available 24/7, always happy, always professional, always full of ideas and solutions. I am so happy with the entire process that I´m now planning to renovate/redecorate more rooms int the apt just to work with CR/ID again

Victoria Ancharcrona

I had the pleasure of working with Caroline who skillfully transformed my house into a beautiful living space. Her attention to detail, impeccable taste, and creative vision resulted in an outcome that exceeded my expectations and left me with a house I can now truly call my home!

Emilie de Craene